4-5 Co-ed Game Rules

Updated Tuesday August 20, 2019 by Kent Island Youth Soccer League.

Kent Island Youth Soccer League

Age Group 4 – 5, Coed


Introduce kids to the game of soccer and the basic skills of soccer, including kicking and controlling the ball and shooting the ball. Also included will be the concept of “team play” and “good sportsmanship”. Overall we want them to simply have FUN playing soccer so they come back and want to play more, and in the process they will learn more socially and improve their physical skills and abilities.

Practices / Game Environment Schedule:

· Practices begin on a Saturday in early August.

· Game Environment will be 1 game each Saturday and some midweek games starting in September through early November.

· Games will be scheduled on Saturday mornings. Rained out games can be made up at the discretion of the coaches.

Teams / Game Environment:

·10 / 11 players per team / Numbers of Teams to be determined from registration

·Play on one half of small Field E (E1 & E2)

·Play 6 on 6 (3 offense / 2 defense / Goalie) for the entire season

·Play 4 – 10 minute periods with short breaks in between each period.

·Simplified Rules:

1. Out of Bounds (kick in from sideline or corner/goal kick if it crosses the end line)

2. Sportsmanlike Conduct (no tripping, pushing, hitting, etc.)

3. Hands (such as picking up ball and running)

4. No heading No heading is allowed in this division.  If a player intentionally heads the ball, play will be stopped, and the other team given a kick

5. Build-out Line:  Marked by an orange line on each side of the field, all attacking players must retreat behind this line for any goal kick or anytime the goalie picks the ball up with their hands. Players can resume their attack when the ball has left the penalty box area.  Goalies are encouraged to roll the ball out to their team players and not punt it.  This is designed to encourage passing among team and reduce swift counter attacks from the attacking team.  A significant portion of goals are scored in this division by kicks that barely get out of the penalty box, only to be shot directly back in by the attacking team.

6. No offsides.

7. No penalty kicks or other direct or indirect kicks in the penalty box.  All kicks are moved outside the penalty box.


·Each player must have shin guards for practice and game environment.

·Tennis Shoes or Plastic Cleats can be worn (Cleats help from slipping).

·Size 3 soccer ball – each child should have one to use at practice, game warm up, and at home.

·Team Jersey will be provided and should be worn for each game.

·No Jewelry should be worn for practices or games, including earrings.


·At least one parent / guardian must be present during practices and games.

·Proof Of Birth Date provided at registration in order to participate.

·Parents are expected to help handle “situations” that may arise as requested, so coaches stay focused with other players.

·Feel free to ask your coach any question you may have regarding the practices, game environment, etc.

·Any assistance you can provide in helping your coach and team is greatly appreciated. If the coach doesn’t ask, you should ask the coach how you can help.

·Please direct any questions to your coach. If they cannot answer, then they will contact the league commissioner to get an answer. If you do not get a response, then contact the league commissioner. Additionally, if you have a problem with a coach or a question that you cannot address with the coach first, then you may contact the league commissioner directly. You may contact the Age 4-5 Division Commissioner via e-mail:


Age Group 4-5 Commissioner – 4-5 Commissioner

You may also contact KIYSL President., by email: League President

Field Conditions and cancellations: Are posted on the main page of the KIYSL website.

Everyone’s comments and suggestions are welcome. With cooperation, understanding, constructive criticism and help from everyone we can make this a huge success and rewarding experience for our kids! Remember – they are only age 4 & 5 – the name of the game is FUN!!!!!